Jan 2nd Fly-out

Was a fantastic turn out. Seven aircraft from Newark and one from Buckeye departed for Bella’s Restaurant on the shores of Grand Lake in northwestern Ohio. Carl got some great pictures as did Cheryl Harris. With Wendy’s friend who joined us for lunch and helped transport us to the restaurant we had 20 people attend. Close to a record for planes and people on this day.

Cessna 172 Michael/Cheryl Harris
Cessna 172 Jim Carter
Cessna 182 Charlie/Cathy Rhoades
Cessna 152 Dick/wife Purdue
Centurion 210 Dan/Jane Robbins and Bernie Volpe
Archer ll Larry/wife Arnold
Cherokee Six Wayne/Aiden/Alex Green
Cherokee 235 Rollie, Carl O./Wendy Hollinger/Dale Ratliff

See the pictures


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