Portsmouth Fly-out

We had an outstanding fly-out to Portsmouth. The remodeling of the restrooms and main entrance of the restaurant was a nice improvement. We had 6 aircraft and 17 pilots and passengers. You get the opportunity to welcome our newest member Earl Gosslett. I have known Earl many years. He has just recently purchased a Piper Cherokee.The attendees were:

182 Cessna: Charlie&Cathy Rhoads, and Jesse Ours
172 Cessna: Micheal Harris, Bob Handleman and his wife
Archer: Larry Arnold, Arnie Hartman, and Barney Kempter
180 Piper: Earl Gosslett and Bethel Toler
337 Piper: Ted Quinn and Bob Erhard
235 Piper: Rollie Bailey, Jim Morgan, Bob Bennett, and Carl Oblinger

Fly-out coordinator

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