Salem Fly-out Feb. 5th

It’s close if not an all time aircraft/attendance BREAKER! Beautiful weather for this time of year and I want to thank all who attended. We re-arranged several tables to accommodate our pilots and passengers.

Cessna 182     Charlie Rhoads, Bob Marriott, and Gary Deweese
Cessna 172      Jim Carter, and Jim Sr.
Cessna 210      Don Mann, and Camie ST. Clair
Cessna 152      Dick & Gaye Purdue
Scout    109     John Graham
Archer   II         Larry & Valinda Arnold
Champ             Sam Huff
Comanche        Carl Braddock and Peggy Althoff
Cherokee 140    Earl Gossett and Dick McVay
Cherokee 140    David & Gail Dunn
Cherokee 235    Rollie Bailey and Carl Oblinger

Yes add them up!   Eleven aircraft and twenty-one people!  🙂

Of course I’m only speaking for myself, but I had a great time. Carl got some great pics. Mark Feb. the 18th on your calendar for our next fly-out!

Your #402 fly-out coordinator
Rollie Bailey

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