Fly-out March 17, 2012

The fly-out to Zanesville (ZZV) was scheduled to depart at 0900 but a heavy fog lay over the airport at that time so departure was delayed until the fog cleared. Finally, at about 1045 we were able to depart. Three planes and six souls made the trip: Larry Arnold and Arnie Hartman in their Piper Archer, Tom McFadden, Carl Oblinger and Malcolm McFadden a rented Cessna 172 and Dick Perdue in his Cessna 152. After the sun came out is was a beautiful morning to fly and the flight to ZZV was great. We had a nice lunch at Dennie’s down the road. The FBO made their new courtesy van available to us so we didn’t have to walk. Speaking of the FBO, they have a gorgeous facility there, it is much nicer than the last time I was there. Malcolm especially liked the world globe-in-cradle they have in the lounge. He guessed it may be worth $1,000 (I think more like $10,000). On departure the wx was still good so we each went our own way for a little more flying before returning to Newark-Heath (VTA).
Tom McFadden

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