Fly-out to Portland IN

Just a great weather day and the food was excellent. If you ever get a chance go there do it! We had 18 passengers and pilots, and 6 aircraft! Many gal things. You wives had better get on board with these outings (lots of good stuff) as you would say? Carl has some great pictures. Thanks to all who attended, it makes the effort worth it. Thanks to Charlie for helping make this one FLY!


Cessna 182      Charlie Rhoads/wife Cathy, MJ Deweese,and Bob Marriott
Cessna 152      Dick Purdue/wife Gaye
Cessna 210      Dan Robbins/wife Jane, and Bernie Volpe
Cessna 172      Chris Anderson, and Paul Fincato
PA 23-250        Bethel Toler, Earl Gossett, Dee McVay, and Dickey McVay
PA 28-235        Rollie Bailey, Tom McFadden, and Carl Oblinger

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