August 4th Fly-out to Port Clinton

Was kind of refreshing to finally have a good weather day for our fly-out.Because of our low attendance here lately I teamed up with the Y-city flyer’s out of Zanesville and a couple of pilots from Mt. Vernon and had a great turn out with the weather. We all arrived about the same time at Carl Keller Field. We had a wait, but most of us walked through the Museum right there in the same building as the Tin Goose Restaurant. We all had a good time, and
visited pilots I hadn’t talked to in ages. There were 10 planes and 24 people.

All in all, y’all missed a good one!

Cessna  172 Chuck Norman (80+ yrs old) and wife
Aztec           Bob Norman, Valerie and kids
Cessna  172  Denny Huy
Comanche  Bill Granger, Dot, Brian Messger and Lisa
Cessna  172  Eric Tobin
Cirrus     20   Bill   Corbin and Jeff Moore
Archer II        Arnie Hartman, Larry Arnold, and Carl Bradock
Cessna  172  Charlie Rhoads, and Cathy
Cessna  152  Dick Purdue, and Gaye
Cherokee 235  Rollie Bailey, and Carl Oblinger

Photos are here.

Your Fly-out Coordinator

Chapter 402

Rollie Bailey

P.S. Sorry for the delay in posting this, somehow I missed it. gary

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