Young Eagles Rally Sept 10th

Many thanks to all the pilots for flying Saturday and thanks for all the ground support from chapter members, spouses and friends.

We flew a total of 74 kids on Saturday and took advance registrations for 15 more to be flown in the next few weeks.


Here are the numbers in no particular order:

Jeff Wheeler        14
Barney Kemter       4
Rollie Bailey        14
Ken Hughes           3
Wayne Green        9
Bernie Volpe        15
George Fackler     15

Total                     74

Note:  Michael Harris was scheduled but unable to fly because N785SP had a tachometer  problem.

The kids and their parents were grateful for the flights and the hot dogs and the flight simulator!

Thanks to Carl Braddock for the cooking and to Malcolm for the flight simulator!

Look for a more lengthy report in the newsletter.

Thanks to all,

Tom McFadden