1st Sunday Fly-out to Urbana 11/6/16

Departed Newark with clear blue skies for brunch and a visit to adjacent B-17 museum in Urbana. We all were served and walked over to the museum. It was pretty quiet because later that afternoon they were expecting Eric Trump at the airport. Flights were exceptionally smooth to and from. Pictures

The participants were:Urbana-Grimes008

Cessna 172 Michael and Cheryl Harris
Cessna 182 Charlie Rhoads, Bob Marriott, and Jesse Ours
Cessna 152 Dick and Gaye Purdue
Cherokee 140 Earl Gosett and Tony LaRe
Cherokee 235 Rollie Bailey, Den Paccot, and Carl Oblinger
Twin Comanche  Carl Braddock, Arnie Hartman

YOUR Fly-out 402 Coordinator