Fly-out to Sporty’s 11/16/19

Sunny weather for a change and four aircraft took advantage of it. The free brats and hot dogs 🌭 aren’t served until noon, and I mean not a second before! (Little story behind that) so that’s why the 10:30 departure. But we enjoyed fresh donuts 🍩 at the FBO before we left thanks to Bob Erhard. The flight had a bump now and then, but the visibility was perfect. We all landed in good time for the tasty brats. I always make it a point to talk to the owner of Sporty’s, such a nice gentleman. He always remembers the aviators from “Nerk” as he says.


  • Cessna 152  Dick Purdue
  • Cessna 152  Bob Erhard
  • Easy     Mike Toomey
  • Piper 235 Rollie Bailey, Carl Oblinger

Look on line for Carl’s great pics.

Your fly out coordinator,