February Fly-outs

The WX has not cooperated lately on our fly outs. So we had a make up day Monday Feb. the 3rd to Roscoe village (I40) at the Warehouse Restaurant. Mr. Bradock said it was the best sandwich player he’d ever ate!!  Participants were:

Cessna 152 Bob Erhard 

Cessna  152 Dick Purdue 

Cherokee 235 Rollie, and Carl Bradock 

Cancelled the 15th, high winds close to single digits.

Your fly out coordinator,


Lake Jennings BSA Troop 325 suggests a link

As member of the Lake Jennings BSA Troop 325, I’m sending the team at EAA 402 some feedback on your links page! I’ve been putting together a list of activities for our troop’s Aviation Merit Badge that we’re working on. The badge requires the troop to visit an airport or air museum and then discuss what they’ve learned. We wanted to make sure the boys had some background information on the history of aviation so I’ve been putting together a document for them! Your page led us to some great websites to check out – thanks for putting it all together!

With that being said, could you add another link to your page for me? I had some of the boys helping me, and they found this history of aviation guide, which I was very impressed with:

The Business of Aviation: History of Flights https://www.zenbusiness.com/info/the-business-of-aviation-history-of-flight/

This is the page I thought it would fit best on, unless you have a different one in mind: http://eaa402.org/links/

I didn’t see anything else like it on your page, so I thought it would make a welcomed addition!

Thanks for the link tip Lake Jennings BSA Troop 325! It’s been added to our page with the other aviation links.

February 2020 Fly-outs

February the 2nd depart Newark 10:30am for brunch at Denny’s (ZZV)

February the 15th depart Newark 10:30am for brunch at Parkersburg WV. (PKB)

Note: all departure times will be be 10:30am during the winter months and we will go short distances until May.

Your fly out coordinator,


Holiday gathering pictures

Here are pictures from the Christmas dinner 2019



Annual Holiday Party
December 17, 2018
Social 6:00 PM, Dinner 6:30 PM

Guest Speaker: Paul Newman,  local flyer and Reno air racer

Location: Buckeye Lake Yacht Club
5109 Northbank
Buckeye Lake, Ohio

Please contact Treasurer to make your reservations:
Ken Hughes, 75 Habersac Avenue, Pataskala, Ohio 43062
khuges@columbus.rr.com 614-579-0078

Cost is $25.00 per person.

Download the flyer

Jan 5th Fly-out

Decided to change destination with WX minimal towards the lake. So with all the interest we made it short and sweet to Richard Downing with WX much better that direction. Food was great and conversation was non-stop!! 😂


Cessna 172  Jim Carter, and Dick Purdue

Archer II   Carl Braddock, and Arnie Hartman

Cessna  152. Bob Erhard

RV 9A    Ken Hughes, and his son

Cherokee 235  Rollie Bailey

Your fly out coordinator,


Fly-out to Sporty’s 11/16/19

Sunny weather for a change and four aircraft took advantage of it. The free brats and hot dogs 🌭 aren’t served until noon, and I mean not a second before! (Little story behind that) so that’s why the 10:30 departure. But we enjoyed fresh donuts 🍩 at the FBO before we left thanks to Bob Erhard. The flight had a bump now and then, but the visibility was perfect. We all landed in good time for the tasty brats. I always make it a point to talk to the owner of Sporty’s, such a nice gentleman. He always remembers the aviators from “Nerk” as he says.


  • Cessna 152  Dick Purdue
  • Cessna 152  Bob Erhard
  • Easy     Mike Toomey
  • Piper 235 Rollie Bailey, Carl Oblinger

Look on line for Carl’s great pics.

Your fly out coordinator,


November Fly-outs

1st Sunday the 3rd, depart  Newark 10:30 am for lunch at Franklin Pa. (FKL)

3rd Saturday the 16th, depart Newark 10:30 am for Sporty’s Clermont Co. (I69) aviation shopping and free brats and hot dogs!!