October Fly-outs

First Sunday the 6th will depart (VTA) @ 9:30 am for Venango Pa. (FKL) for brunch at a fine Italian restaurant on the field.

3rd Saturday the 19th will depart (VTA) for breakfast at Parkersburg WV. (PKB) , a restaurant on the field.


May Fly-outs

1st Sunday in May the 5th we will depart Newark at 8:30am for the Mon Ami Restaurant in Port Clinton Oh. (PCW) for brunch.

3rd Saturday in May we will depart Newark 8:30am for Robert Newton Field Airport (I41) Huntington WV.  Food, auto museum, camping etc.


April Fly-outs

1st Sunday April 7th, departing Newark at 10:30am for (FKL) Airport for lunch Franklin Pa.

3rd Saturday April 20th, departing Newark at 8:30am for (SJS) for brunch Big Sandy Ky.

Your Fly-out coordinator,


Fly out March 16th

Four aircraft departed Newark approximately 9:15 am for breakfast at the Tin Goose Restaurant Port Clinton Oh. Had a couple stretches of low clouds but it was sunny up at the lake!

Was a good flight and conversation by all.

Participants were:

Cessna 152  Dick Purdue and Ken Hughes

Cessna  152  Bob Erhard

Centurion 210  Ryan Kissell and lady friend Tammy

Cherokee 235 Rollie Bailey, and Carl Braddock

Coordinator R Bailey

February 16th Fly-out to Sportys

Four aircraft departed Newark at 10:30am for Sporty’s (Aviation’s Gift Shop) Batavia, Clermont Co.  We shopped for a short while with great anticipation of the free brats and hot dogs. We visited with the owner and observed many aircraft landing and departing from the all glass observation windows on the second floor. Always great conversation with our pilots. We had a great day for flying. The participants were:

Cessna 152 Bob Erhard

Cessna 152 Dick Purdue

Twin Comanche  Carl Braddock and Arnie Hartman

Cherokee 235 Rollie Bailey and Carl Oblinger

Take time to check out the photos Carl O. took

Your fly out coordinator,