Urbana Grimes Fly-out

We have a record! Not for distance, Glacier Girl has that record to date. But if the # 402 and guests of keep their attendance to the fly-outs I hope we break that one. Saturday we had 9 aircraft and 25 people! 25 IS a record by the way.

We departed (VTA) at 9. One twin aircraft departed Buckeye about the same time and we arrived at Grimes Field about 9:30 – 10:00. We ate and walked to the newly remodeled museum. I personally have been to larger museums but i was impressed with what they have over there at Urbana. If you missed the fly-out I recommend any member or non-member to take the time to visit. Real nice people to give us the tour and answer questions we had.

Thanks to all the pilots for filling the seats in their planes so many can enjoy and experience the world of Aviation!

Roy Hurt and Bob Hansberger in the Funk
Bruce Anderson his wife and . . . Dachshund in the Beech Baron
Arnie Hartman and his guest in a Cessna 172
Dick Purdue and his wife in the Cessna 152
Jack Macki and Fred in the Aeronca
Bill Corbin and three guests in the Cirrus 22
Larry Arnold his wife and Bob Bennett in the Archer II
Charlie Rhoads, his wife, Jesse Ours and Bob Marriott in the Cessna 182
Rollie Bailey,Tom McFadden, Malcom, and Carl Oblinger in the Cherokee 235

Carl got some great pics, as did others. Take the time and look at them and post a few for our newsletter and web site.

Blue skies always,
Your # 402 fly-out coordinator

3rd Saturday Fly-out February 19th.

Two aircraft, 8 people departed (VTA). A Cessna 182 and Cherokee “235” for Richard Downing Airport (I40) at 10:30 a.m. for brunch. I secured transportation down to Roscoe Village to eat at the Warehouse Restaurant. The food was delicious and the company was even better. Charlie Rhoads and his wife Cathy, guest Joe Furbee and fiance’ Chris. Rollie, Bob Marriot, Carl Oblinger, and Bob Bennet. Carl has some nice pics!

Jan 2nd Fly-out

Was a fantastic turn out. Seven aircraft from Newark and one from Buckeye departed for Bella’s Restaurant on the shores of Grand Lake in northwestern Ohio. Carl got some great pictures as did Cheryl Harris. With Wendy’s friend who joined us for lunch and helped transport us to the restaurant we had 20 people attend. Close to a record for planes and people on this day.

Cessna 172 Michael/Cheryl Harris
Cessna 172 Jim Carter
Cessna 182 Charlie/Cathy Rhoades
Cessna 152 Dick/wife Purdue
Centurion 210 Dan/Jane Robbins and Bernie Volpe
Archer ll Larry/wife Arnold
Cherokee Six Wayne/Aiden/Alex Green
Cherokee 235 Rollie, Carl O./Wendy Hollinger/Dale Ratliff

See the pictures