3rd Saturday Fly-out to Rostraver 10/15/16

We departed Newark (VTA) 8:30- 8:45am for breakfast at Rostraver Airport (FWQ) in Pennsylvania. The sky was clear BLUE, and the food and conversation was as perfect. I believe half our group had never been there.
We had 6 aircraft and 12 pilots and passengers make the trip. The participants were:
Cessna 152 Dick and Gaye Purdue
Cessna 337 Ted Quinn and Bob Erhard
Cessna 172 Den Paccot
Cessna 182 Charlie and Cathy Rhoads
Twin Comanche. Carl Braddock and guest
Piper 235 Rollie Bailey and Carl Oblinger

YOUR Chapter Fly-out Coordinator 402
Rollie Bailey


Hi Rollie,
Just wanted to thank you once more for taking me to the fly-out! It was great to be in the air again!
I just made a very quick video of the fly in case you want to see it.


First Sunday Fly-out to Stockmill

First Sunday fly-out was delayed for low ceiling until noon. The great buffet didn’t open until 12:00 anyway. When we landed Morgan Co. it was sunny and beautiful. Our bus and driver was ready and hungry to drive us to the Restaurant. The view and food was fantastic. Check out the pictures from Mr. Ken Hughes.


The participants were:

Archer II –  Larry and Valinda Arnold
Cessna 182 – Charlie Rhoads, Jesse Ours, and Bob Marriott
Twin Comanche- Carl Braddock, Bernie Volpe
Cherokee 235 – Rollie and Marie Bailey, and Ken Hughes

Your 402 Fly-out Coordinator

Rollie Bailey

Young Eagles Rally Sept 10th

Many thanks to all the pilots for flying Saturday and thanks for all the ground support from chapter members, spouses and friends.

We flew a total of 74 kids on Saturday and took advance registrations for 15 more to be flown in the next few weeks.


Here are the numbers in no particular order:

Jeff Wheeler        14
Barney Kemter       4
Rollie Bailey        14
Ken Hughes           3
Wayne Green        9
Bernie Volpe        15
George Fackler     15

Total                     74

Note:  Michael Harris was scheduled but unable to fly because N785SP had a tachometer  problem.

The kids and their parents were grateful for the flights and the hot dogs and the flight simulator!

Thanks to Carl Braddock for the cooking and to Malcolm for the flight simulator!

Look for a more lengthy report in the newsletter.

Thanks to all,

Tom McFadden



EAA Chapter 9 Poker Run to include KVTA, Sept 10th

You’re invited to join EAA Chapter 9 for our fall Poker Run! This event is open to Chapter 9 members and non-members alike.

This year’s Poker Run will included stops at Pickaway County Airport (KCYO), Marion Municpal Airport (KMNN), Newark-Heath Airport (KVTA), Madison County Airport (KUYF), and the final stop will be at Bolton Field Airport (KTZR). There is no official starting point or time, but you must be on the ground at Bolton Field by 2 pm.

To register, email events@eaa9.org. Please include your name, email, phone number, if you’re a pilot or passanger, your type aircraft, your N number, names of your passangers, and if you are an EAA Chapter 9 member. Please register by 5 pm on September 6th.

There will be a cook-out at Bolton Field at 2 pm, which is open to participents as well as spectators. You do not need to be a Chapter 9 members to take part in the event or to attend lunch. To read the full set of rules, click here.

Whether your are flying for the event or attending to spectate, we hope to see you there!

Bolton Field Airport (KTZR)
2000 Norton Rd.
Columbus, OH 43228

Darlene Ford, President- EAA Chapter 9
(614) 557-1170 or picflygirl@yahoo.com

Click here for more information

Young Eagles Rally, September 10th

Newark-Heath Airport (KVTA) September 10th, 2016 9:00AM-12:00PM, Weather permitting

Ever wondered what your neighborhood looks like from the sky? Or maybe you’re curious how airplanes even work. You might even dream about being a pilot. If you’re nodding your head “Yes” and are between the ages of 8 and 17, you’re ready to take a free Young Eagles flight and see what real pilots do on the ground and in the air.

Your Young Eagles flight will last approximately 20 minutes and you will see the earth and sky in a new and exciting way. This is your chance to experience the freedom of flight that many people only dream about.

Many people remember this experience for the rest of their lives. You will, too!

On the ground: Your pilot explains what will happen during the flight. You may talk about the airplane, review an aeronautical chart (or map), and complete a careful “walk-around” preflight inspection of the airplane.
Just before takeoff: Your pilot explains the interior of the airplane, including the operation of the aircraft door, safety belts, and instrument panel.

In the air: The flight lasts between 15 and 20 minutes. And, if you want, your pilot may let you take the controls!

Back on the ground: There’s more time for you to ask questions about the flight. Your pilot is happy to tell you more about flying and their particular airplane.

You also get an official Young Eagles logbook with a personal code to activate your free EAA Student Membership and Sporty’s Learn to Fly Course

YE Poster September 2016YE poster 9-10-2016

Download the flyer