Oct. 19th Fly-out to Parkersburg

Oct 19th departed Newark at 9:30am for breakfast Parkersburg WV. Weather was real cooperative this day! Clear visibility for miles and exceptionally smooth flight. We had six aircraft this day.

Archer II  – Larry Arnold, Arnie Hartman, and Rob Dennis

Easy – Mike Toomey

Cessna 337 – Ted Quinn, and Bob Erhard

Cessna 152 – Ralph Brandon, and Chris Russell

Cessna 152 – Dick Purdue, and Gaye

235 Cherokee- Rollie Bailey

A couple of pics to follow.

Your fly out coordinator,


1st Sunday Fly-out 10/6/19

With the weather being miserable Sunday, I circled the wagons Saturday and had four aircraft fly to Portsmouth for breakfast. Smooth flight and the visibility was fantastic. All had a good time. Participants were:

Cessna 152 – Dick Purdue

Easy  –   Mike Toomey

Cessna 337 – Ted Quinn, and Bob Erhard

Cherokee 235 – Rollie Bailey

Your fly-out coordinator,


October Fly-outs

First Sunday the 6th will depart (VTA) @ 9:30 am for Venango Pa. (FKL) for brunch at a fine Italian restaurant on the field.

3rd Saturday the 19th will depart (VTA) for breakfast at Parkersburg WV. (PKB) , a restaurant on the field.


May Fly-outs

1st Sunday in May the 5th we will depart Newark at 8:30am for the Mon Ami Restaurant in Port Clinton Oh. (PCW) for brunch.

3rd Saturday in May we will depart Newark 8:30am for Robert Newton Field Airport (I41) Huntington WV.  Food, auto museum, camping etc.