Fly_out to Ford Tri-Motor Celebration @ Sandusky (SKY)

July 3 four aircraft departed Newark (VTA) @ 10:30 a.m. for the Ford Tri-Motor Celebration in Sandusky Oh.(SKY)
We had great weather (some haze) clear blue up there. Dick and Gaye Purdue in their Cessna 152. Charlie Rhoads, Bob Marriott, Joe Furbee and his mother Brenda in his Cessna 182. Chris Anderson and Paul Fincato in his Cessna 172. R. Bailey, Carl Oblinger, Larry Wiseman in the “235” Cherokee. It was really great to hear and see the ol’ Tri-Motor take flight again! The chili and Hot Dog hit the spot. Please check out the pics.

Blue Skies always
YOUR fly-out coordinator
Rollie Bailey

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