Fly-out to Zanesville 2017/03/05

Weather being perfect, 6 aircraft departed Newark at 10:30a for brunch at Denny’s 50’s type restaurant in Zanesville (ZZV) several participants were impressed (12) with the FBO. We had 3 (nice) courtesy cars waiting for us. Food was super as usual, as was the flight.

Participants were:

Cessna 182 – Charles Rhoads
Cessna 150 – Barney Kempter
Cessna 152 –  Dick Purdue
Twin Comanche – Carl Braddock, Mike and son Dominic
Archer II –  Larry & VaLinda Arnold, and Arnie Hartman
Cherokee 235 – Rollie & Marie Bailey, and Carl Oblinger
Carl put the pictures here

Blue Skies Always,